Auroville International Meetings

Starting in the year 1981 the annual AVI gatherings have always been a special highlight. Since 2003 they are taking place in Auroville every two years. Every other year we follow the invitation of one of our centres or liaisons to host the meeting in their country.

These meetings in different corners of the world aim at several purposes:

  • to carry the flame and ideals of Auroville to these countries and help anchoring it there,
  • to share information, presentations, and exhibition material from Auroville with the public,
  • to provide a cultural experience by widening our awareness about cultural diversity and human unity,
  • to get to personally know more AVI people of the host country,
  • to discuss AVI policies and projects,
  • to host Board meetings and General Assemblies.

Besides working off the task list the meetings are great fun and deeply touching. They always create a wonderful feeling of human unity.

Apart of the annual AVI meeting many of the national AVI groups organize local gatherings in their home country. A series of European AVI meetings started in 2003.