Inauguration of the Temporary European House

17 Feb 2018 AVI, Auroville, Video

On February 17th 2018 the first section of the temporary European House – two modules and an open platform – was inaugurated. Around 250 Aurovilians and guests participated in the event. The programme included small activities and performances by different national groups, mirroring the rich cultural diversity of Europe.

The construction team of Jothi Prasad Rajan’s Aurocreation and a dynamic team of landscaping volunteers, guided by Michael Roberts from Scotland, had worked until the last moment to beautify the surroundings and give an idea of a future garden setting around the structures.

Aurovilian Denis Capdeville, who was the main organizing force behind the construction, welcomed the guests, among them Ms. Nirima Oza, member of the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation, who also greeted the participants. Isa Wagner, the former Secretary of Auroville International, spoke on behalf of AVI, mentioning the importance of Auroville as an “earth-laboratory”, of which nations and continents are the distinct and indispensable parts, each developing a specific aspect of collective evolution to lead humanity to its true unity in diversity.

The next step is to start a new fundraising for a third building module to complete the original layout based on a three-pointed star-like form around a hexagonal platform; to complete the landscaping and beautification of the surrounding area; to look for furniture and, above all, to fill the place with life, cultural activities, small performances, exhibitions and such.

The space will also be offered as a base camp for further planning activities of other pavilion groups, in the spirit of true sharing and collaboration. A taste of this became obvious when the neighbours from the International House communicated their plans to build another guest house within the compound, which would also be for guests of the European House, as well as a community kitchen offering the possibility for an adjacent European restaurant.