Video Clips for Your Enjoyment

02 Apr 2018 Auroville, Video

A short listing of video clips for your enjoyment:

  • A real treasure Nadaprem playing the bansuri at the Amphitheatre during the blue moon of March 31st. Part 2 of the concert can be found here.
  • Some short, concise interviews with three AV architects jointly working on a Centre for Green Practices (CGP) in Auroville’s Industrial Zone (first clip is of Fabian, the other ones of Suhasini and Omar automatically follow).
  • Auroville now has a Harmonies Women Choir singing world polyphonies.
  • Meenakshi saw a lifelong dream come true in her Vaasal magazine that promises to be an entrance into the world of Tamil ideas, art & culture.
  • AV Youth Choir performing at Cripa on 30 March.
  • Some Auroville youngsters, Anadi, Bahadur, Island, Jonas, Julian and Timothee, have been training and working with trees since years, and now have started a much needed and ambitious Tree Care India undertaking while en passant becoming authorised Stihl dealers as well. Take a look at their impressive site!