The Mother – An Artist & Artistic Influence

03 Sep 2018 Auroville, Land, Video

The Mother was many things, and one was an artist! This 20-minute film with music traces The Mother’s artistic life and work, from her youth in the Paris of the “Belle Epoque”, through her stays in Algeria and Japan, and culminating with her life in Pondicherry. It presents a great variety of her paintings, sketches, and drawings from these periods, as well as selected works by the Ashramites she mentored and influenced – Champaklal, Promode Kumar, Krishnalal, Priti Ghosh, and Huta, who painted the work that The Mother named “Spirit of Auroville”. A film by Mandakini & Rakhal in collaboration for the “Art for Land” action of “Acres for Auroville” – to support fundraising for Auroville’s still-missing land.