Acres for Auroville Land Campaign August 2019

01 Sep 2019 Auroville, Land

Sri Aurobindo’s birth & India’s Independence & 2019 Launch of A4A’s Year 6 for Auroville’s missing land!

For Sri Aurobindo, the unification of mankind was “a necessity in the course of Nature, an inevitable movement”. Auroville was created by The Mother to create a place for the “international spirit and outlook” that Sri Aurobindo said must grow up. She said that her only goal was “to give a concrete form to Sri Aurobindo’s great teaching” that “all the nations are essentially one and meant to express the Divine Unity upon earth through an organised and harmonious diversity” to show that “Truth lies in union rather than in division”.

To underscore this truth of unity at the heart of its mission, the words “Auroville, the city at the service of Truth” were placed in French and in Tamil on the Banyan tree that is next to the Matrimandir at the center of Auroville:

Auroville la cite au service de la verité

For 51 years, the City of Dawn has flowered step by step, serving and showcasing this truth of oneness of the Human Family in its rich diversity. But its designated land is still incomplete – many essential acres are still missing from the universal township’s base. We invite you to join us – to purchase the needed remaining land so Auroville can manifest, in fullness and harmony, the truth of its great vision!

Bring your support and donate for completing Auroville’s designated physical base!!

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