2020 New Year’s Card For The Land

08 Mar 2020 Uncategorized

This year’s New Year’s card 2020 is a hommage to the deep vision behind Auroville, with the inspired artwork of the Matrimandir’s Garden of Power by Auroville artist Emanuele Scanziani, and the painting the Mother named “Heralds of the Supramental World” painted by Promode Kumar on the night of 29 February 1956. Below is the text by The Mother that we’ve selected. View the card here, and if you’d like to receive one or several cards, please write to LFAU@auroville.org.in.

“… But if we could remember… that we are at an exceptional hour, a unique time, that we have this immense good fortune, this invaluable privilege of being present at the birth of a new world, we could easily get rid of everything that impedes and hinders our progress.

So, the most important thing, it seems, is to remember this fact; even when one doesn’t have the tangible experience, to have the certainty of it and faith in it; to remember always, to recall it constantly, to go to sleep with this idea, to wake up with this perception; to do all that one does with this great truth as the background, as a constant support, this great truth that we are witnessing the birth of a new world.

We can participate in it, we can become this new world. And truly, when one has such a marvellous opportunity, one should be ready to give up everything for its sake.”

Collected Works of the Mother, Vol. 9, p.159-160

Happy New Year 2020 from Auroville, a city meant to hasten the advent of a new world, Lands for Auroville Unified (LFAU) & its special campaign Acres for Auroville (A4A)