Auroville 80 – The Poetry of Daily Life

06 Dec 2020 Land

A New Book, a New Cooperation, and a Special Offer for Christmas!

In the ‘80s, photographer Nadia Loury was part of the Auroville community, which at that time was still a big family of about 500 people. This gave her the opportunity to catch fleeting moments of daily life which she then shared with her Auroville friends. These photographs are now brought together in the just-released and very beautiful book « Auroville 80 ».  Profits from the sale of the book will go to « Acres pour Auroville » for the purchase of missing Auroville land.
(120 pages / 170 photos, bilingual French-English, published by Auroville Press)

Special opportunity – don’t miss out on the « Special Christmas 2020 » offer!
For a donation of 80 euros or more for « Acres for Auroville » you will be gifted with a copy of Nadia’s book. As Nadia has written: « Securing Auroville’s lands is essential and there are so many of you who support the A4A project. »