Auroville International

Auroville International (AVI) is a worldwide network aiming at the support of the development of Auroville in all its aspects. Founded in 1983 it is legally registered in the Netherlands, with a representation in 34 countries around the world – nine national centres, which are registered associations in their respective countries, and twenty-five liaisons, which may be smaller groups or single individuals.

Auroville International’s main objectives are:

  • to spread the knowledge about Auroville’s ideals, activities, and aims outside of India,
  • to facilitate the co-operation and support of governments, international and other organisations with Auroville,
  • to raise funds or provide a funding channel for projects on sustainable development, education, healthcare, environmental restoration and many others,
  • to promote Auroville’s ideal of human unity in its respective countries,
  • to promote – in partnership with the respective working groups in Auroville – the development of the International Zone of Auroville and the national cultural pavilions.

The structure of AVI is non-hierarchical, with individual centres and liaisons developing their own organizational set-up and their own range of activities, following the idea of national and cultural diversity.