The AVI Board

Centres and liaisons send their representatives to the General Assembly of AVI, which appoints a Board every two years. This Board meets at least once a year during the international AVI meetings.

The representative of Auroville in the AVI Board is nominated by the Working Committee. He or she is responsible for promoting the interests of the Association in Auroville and serves as a liaison between Auroville and the Association.

Current Board Members
Chair Person Josee Lamers
AVI Netherlands
Vice Chair Person Friederike Mühlhans
AVI Germany
Secretary Stéphane Lefebvre
AVI Canada
Treasurer Sonny Benoit
AVI Luxembourg
Auroville Representative Vani Poirier
Max Sohrbeck AVI Denmark
Evelyne Guinouard AVI France
Isa Wagner AVI Germany
Jürgen Faulstich AVI Ireland
Alfonso Galiana AVI Spain
Angiras Auro AVI UK
Bryan Walton AVI USA
Co-opted Board Members
Mandakini Lucien-Brun AVI France
Camille Egger AVI Switzerland
Honorary Board Members
Sonia Dyne AVI UK
Martin Littlewood Aurovilian/AVI UK